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Paying for Care

Understanding the funding options available to you

However your care is funded, you have the right to choose who provides it.

This is a legal right from the Care Act 2014, and if you have had an assessment from a social worker they should discuss the option of a Direct Payment with you.  This is where you have any funding paid to you, so that you can meet your agreed care needs in a way that's best for you.

The team at SSA Quality Care have years of experience with private funding, personal budgets and direct payments, split-funded packages and Health funding, so please get in touch if you have any queries.

Private Funding

This is when you pay for all of your care yourself.  This might be through choice or because you are not eligible for any financial support.  You are free to contact your chosen care provider directly, let them know what care you would like and/or what you want to achieve.  They will then agree a care plan, visit times and start date with you.  Your provider will invoice you, and you pay them directly.

Topping Up

If you would like help to pay for care you will need to contact the local Council for an assessment.  A social worker will discuss and agree your care needs as well as your financial situation.  This assessment may find that you are eligible for some funding, but not enough to cover the full cost.  You will need to top up the rest yourself.

Fully Funded

As above, a social worker will discuss and agree your care needs as well as your financial situation.  Following this financial assessment, it may be that the Council will fund the full cost of your agreed care needs.

There are other options too, NHS funding being the most common.  If you need personal care because of your health needs, it may be fully funded by the NHS.  This is variously known as Continuing Care, Continuing Healthcare, and NHS CHC.

Always remember that you should feel in control of your care, including your needs and your choice of care provider.

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